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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cousin Time

We kidnapped Lauren for the long weekend and exchanged the twins in return. They have been with Tina and Steve and Lauren has been with us. Kenna has enjoyed having her older cousin dote on her and play games constantly and at any given time! They have watched movies together, gone to the rodeo, drawn pictures, written stories, gone to a movie, made bracelets and just "hung out". Its been fun. Addy came over a couple of times and joined with them in their activities and Sadie came for the movie and nail painting activity.

Lauren, Kenna, Addy and Chandler on top of a mountain by our house. I wish I could have captured the view that is seen from that point.

Three girls before crawling under the covers...Kenna, Addy and Lauren!

Lots of fun with various toe nail polish. It is interesting how they all wore flip flops. Could it be in the blood?